Toledo Flag Proposals

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Reddit User u/DeliveringOP

Reddit User u/shutupaugust: “The green and white represent the nickname “glass city”, the blue represents lake Erie, the pattern forms a T and represents the Maumee river and swan creek, and the stripe patterns represent the Toledo Strip.”
Reddit User u/tocksin: Modeled on the Ohio state flag, “I want to retain the stripes to symbolize the Maumee River running through the city. I removed the center stripe, so the white center represents the river with the red borders the adjacent land. The O is in the original flag pattern, so it not only represents Ohio, but also reflects our history. The placement of the O is the same as the Ohio flag. I changed the O to be blue to reflect the original Toledo flag. Toledo is not known for its hills and mountains, so I removed the the blue triangle. I also removed the stars since I believe they create too much clutter and could find a good reason to keep them. I wanted the keep the block house in the center of the O, but I needed to simplify it. The red diamond represents the original block house which is the symbol of Fort Industry – the original name for Toledo.”
Reddit User u/tocksin: “As an alternative, I changed the red borders to blue to better match the original state flag with blue borders. This design is more true to the original Toledo flag with the other is more in line with the Ohio flag.”
Reddit User u/amart: “This updated flag substitutes a red pentagon for the original block house (easier to reproduce from memory and also easier to see from a distance) and is circled with a bolder blue “O” to represent city unity and the state of Ohio. The vertical stripes have been kept, but more space has been given for the center white stripe to allow the iconography in the flag center to be a bit bigger and more pronounced. The red white and blue colors have been altered slightly to greater reflect the American flag.”
Reddit User u/amart: “Option 2 uses a blue bar at the bottom of the design to represent a bodies of water: both the Maumee River that flows through the east and west sides of the city and also represents our connectedness to Lake Erie.”
Reddit User u/amart: “Option 3 removes all design elements save for the pentagon and containing circle. This design emphasizes the “O” for Ohio and Toledo’s place within the state.”
Reddit User u/amart
Reddit User u/amart: For this and the immediately preceding image: “Here, I tried to create an asymetric design by using only one vertical bar of blue. Here, I’m hoping to create a solid base which the flag’s symbols can rest upon. Again, the blue bar represents the original flag’s idea of constancy and also our connectedness to the Maumee River and Lake Erie”
Reddit user u/Jesyou_Jesme_Jesus: “I designed the flag by simplifying a map of the city.”